TJ of the year 2008


Really great site and I've been looking for a good ripped jeans site for ages.  Torn jeans are what I love but few people seem to like them like I do.  Probably because most people are afraid of showing it off.  But my cock’s 19-20 cm around (or 15cm when it's asleep). So fat that I love to get people horny with it just hanging there on the club floor.  Guys love it in clubs, because most guys haven't got the guts.


But what I also love are guys’ ultra ultra ultra ultra ultra ultra low rise jeans with nothing on underneath.  I've got 2 pairs that were made specially for me in Brazil.  If pulled up tight one pair just covers the pubes.  If pulled up really tight the other pair just covers the base of the cock.  Much much lower than Rufskins.  Great in clubs - slightly loose so that if you're hot, you take off your t-shirt, roll it up, stick it in the top of the trousers, and people can see right down every time there’s a bit of light.  One of the pairs of jeans has a detachable kind of bar, so that the cock rests over it, lifting it and making it even more visible. And the bar’s reversible and turns into a kind of denim tray, a sort of presentation platter, which nobody can miss.  Complex ingenious jeans, not cheap, but whooooahh!!

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Don't wear jeans like these

if you're shy