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I look forward to hearing from you.

Please send me an email to contact me or to send pictures.
All information is Confidental!

Submitting Photos

Please send your pictures of yourself in torn jeans. If you do not mind, send a full shot of you.

I will edit out your face if you do not want your face shown. Let me know if you wish to include your email address and feel free to include a short ad.

This site is strictly for men into torn jeans, worn, faded and ripped. Any other jeans or clothing will not be published!!! Click on the mail box above to send pictures.

Q.  I have pictures of me in jeans I would like to submit, but they are not torn nor ripped anywhere.

A.   If they are not torn in anyways, they will not be shown in this site.

Q.  I have a pair of really faded jeans but no rips, would these be ok?

A.  I think so, send a few sample pictures and I will let you know

Q.  I want to do a photo shoot but not comfortable in showing my cock

A.   The main purpose of this site is torn jeans, therefore showing your cock is not a requirement.

Q. I think your photography is great and would like to do some photo shoots of me personally but not for this site. Are you willing to do this?

A.  For a Fee, yes.