What is Tantric?    

The purpose of tantric  work is to raise energy erotically and to keep it  in the body as a life force.
It is also about sustainable sexual arousal  mounting to orgasm (multiple orgasm) and not to ejaculation.
This erotic  energy can be raised thru genital massage.
It is a form that can be practiced as a  self-pleasuring tool or as a method used by two persons.
One is a masseur and one is a receiver (breather). The goal is to receive erotic massage for
upwards of one hour. It is describes by S Tomkins as "interest-excitement" our desire for non-stop
sexual arousal. To signal the body that the energy production portion of the massage is
over (enjoyment-joy) is to practice a  "big draw".  This is a body clench and then time on the
table, untouched as  you become aware of your body, your feelings or emotions. It generally is a
time of altered state when emotions come to the surface. The end result is a state of greater peace

and at times a moment of insight. The peaceful state is also one of more energy.

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