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Beautiful Sunny Day Out

And the men patiently wait their turns behind the garage




Another day at the garage

This customer brings his car in for tune up and at the same time is horny!







The men at the garage takes advantage of each other

While he watches

One man tries to escape the garage full of aggressive top men

There are men outside as you can see waiting and ready!
Looks like a ruff foursome!

Now that there are bottoms at the garage

Employees recall what happened at the garage a few weeks ago

The men at the garage thought these men were bottoms

So they open the door the let them in …..
But a bunch of men ran in and took over!

Once again the men at the garage submits

Mean while back at the garage

These men are back and wanting more!!!
The workers inside the garage are afraid to come out!

And these men are hoping to get in on the action!

The cops showed up due to some noise they hear

After they left, the fucking continues

Men still wait outside for some action

Some could not wait and cruised each other!

But back inside

More men show up waiting for any running out side

They cannot believe the men in the garage are now bottoms!


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