Colton Ford Threesome

I find Carlton Ford too hot! This is a hot video!

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  • Stan says:

    Yeah Colton Ford is a god. I believe this is a scene from “Bringing Out Brother”. It’s awesome watching him bottom taking cock! He’s retired now from porn along with his partner former porn star Blake Harper. Outside of porn he’s a singer, sang with a jazz quartet, has had record deals and performed with Chaka Khan. He was the subject of the documentary Naked Fame, which charted his move from porn to music and was one of the stars of the American TV channel here! series The Lair. Ford released his album Tug Of War digitally in 2008.
    I’ve seen recent pictures of him with his greying hair, goatee and he still looks hot as hell.

  • torn jeans says:

    yeh! good ol Ford! He makes aging painless! I enjoy looking at him anytime. I was not sure if he left porn or not. I have heard he is doing music. The last I heard he split up with Blake. So if they are still together that’s great. Now Blake is doing a bunch of rape videos? I hope so :)

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