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Frot Ready

Ready for some serious frottage and worshipping!
Go for it!

Ready for Frottage with Worshipping

But they are only Room mates so they do not touch each other!

Action at the Warehouse

This voyeur seems to show up at the right time, eh?
Always there!

Worship Outdoors?

Finally warmer weather?

Cock Worship

Drip some precum right on his piss hole!

Worship before Fucking

Olympic Frottage

Finally Happened!

Sunday Worship

Worshipping before Play

Rubbing Big Sticks for Worship

Since they are uncut, they should be wet in no time to drip on each other’s dick head

Hot European Men with Hats part 2

Fuck Yeh! Rub your dripping dicks together! Get them slick!
Wow, the balls on the man on the left is super tight!
He is ready to pop!

Perfect Worship

Double Kissing!
Hopefully they start getting sloppy, wet, and drooling at their mouths, to make their dicks dripping with precum on each other!


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  • Everything is public in here!


  • I do Massage,
    Tantric, that is!

  • Rip your Torn jeans!

  • Suck my cock